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D-Day at Tarawa (PC): is the computer edition of the board game version. A solitaire game simulating the amphibious invasion of Betio Island in the Tarawa Atoll…


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Today in Military History
17 January 1917

British intelligence intercepts and decodes the Zimmermann Telegram between Germany and Mexico. In early January 1917, the German foreign minister, Arthur Zimmermann, sent a coded message to the German ambassador in Washington DC proposing a military alliance with Germany and Mexico. Germany planned on resuming unrestricted submarine warfare on 1 February 1917, knowing it would certainly lead to war with the United States. If the United States entered the war, Germany hoped to forge an alliance with Mexico and declared support in Mexico reconquering territory in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. The decoded telegram was leaked to the American press on 1 March 1917, and later confirmed by Zimmermann on 3 March. On 6 April 1917, the United States declared war on Germany. See MoreSee Less

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Did you know?

It is believed 10 million people died in the Thirty Years War (1618-1648). That number is estimated to have represented slightly more than 25 percent of the total population of Central Europe, the war’s most significant theater of operations. See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Today in Military History
10 January 1916

Russian forces launch the Erzurum Offensive against the Ottoman Empire during World War I. With the Gallipoli Campaign over, the Ottomans were able to free up soldiers tied down in the west to face the Russians in the east. The commander of the Russian Caucasus Army, Nikolai Yudenich, knew these additional Ottoman troops posed a threat to his forces. On 10 January 1916, he launched the Erzurum Offensive before the additional Ottoman troops were ready for battle. The campaign lasted until 16 February 1916, with Russian troops capturing the important fortress of Erzurum. The fortress would remain under Russian control until the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in 1918. See MoreSee Less

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