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Ceres – Operation Stolen Base: is a solitaire game depicting the actions of an elite Rebel task force attempting to seize the largest source of water in the Solar System shortly after the outbreak of the Free Mars Revolution…

Phobos Rising! Insurgency on Mars: is a solitaire game depicting the heroic actions of an elite team attempting to secure key facilities on Mars. Success means Mars has been secured and the Martian Revolution…

Zama: is a simulation of the climactic battle of the Second Punic War: the decisive struggle between the Roman Republic and Carthage for control of the Western Mediterranean…

D-Day at Tarawa (PC): is the computer edition of the board game version. A solitaire game simulating the amphibious invasion of Betio Island in the Tarawa Atoll…


3 days ago

Today in Military History
16 February 1945

American forces begin their assault on the island of Corregidor during World War II. In May 1942, Corregidor fell to Japanese forces following their invasion of the Philippines. Known as the Gibraltar of the East, it was an important defensive fortification that overlooked the entrance into Manila Bay. In January 1945, the US began an aerial bombing campaign to soften up Japanese defenses on the island. On the morning of 16 February, American paratroopers and infantrymen began their assault on the island. The Battle of Corregidor would last until 26 February 1945. See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

Today in Military History
14 February 1797

British naval forces defeat the Spanish in the Battle of Cape St. Vincent during the French Revolutionary Wars. In 1796, Spain signed the Second Treaty of San Ildefonso that aligned them with the First French Republic. In response, the British began a blockade of Spanish ports. On 1 February 1797, a Spanish fleet under the command of Don Jose de Cordoba left the Mediterranean port of Cartagena to sail for Cadiz. Sailing west, the Spanish fleet was pushed off course by a strong easterly wind. Working their way back toward Cadiz, the fleet was engaged by a smaller British force off Cape St. Vincent. Despite being outnumbered the British were able to defeat the larger Spanish fleet, capturing four warships and 3,000 sailors. See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

March (Reprint) Madness!

For this year’s March Magness, our out-of-print games will go head-to-head to determine the next game to be updated/reprinted in boxed format. We’ve grouped the games into four categories!

Vote now! See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Available Now!
World at War, Issue #53 – Game Edition
Strike & Counterstrike – Battle for Moscow

Mailed 2/10/17 to Subscribers. Allow 4-6 weeks for USPS delivery. See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Today in Military History
9 February 1654

Spanish forces capture the buccaneer stronghold of Fort de Rocher during the Franco-Spanish War. Fort de Rocher was a fortress built on the island of Tortuga (located just off the coast of present day Haiti). It supported French and English buccaneers who challenged Spanish hegemony in the Caribbean Sea. On 9 February 1654, a Spanish expeditionary force of 700 troops attacked the stronghold. Lightly defended, the fort was easily captured by the Spanish expeditionary force. The Spanish would maintain a small garrison at the fort for the next 18 months, before abandoning it to support Spanish forces in the siege of Santo Domingo. See MoreSee Less