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D-Day at Peleliu is a solitaire game simulating the amphibious invasion of Peleliu in the Palau Islands. The Marines assaulted with the primary goal of capturing the airstrip nestled amid jungle and overlooked by forbidding mountain terrain.

Wellington’s Victory. The classic 1976 game covering the battle of Waterloo returns in this revamped version. Napoleon’s French Army of the North faces Wellington’s hodge-podge Army of the Low Countries, who are fighting for time while awaiting the arrival of Blucher’s Prussian Army of the Lower Rhine.

Napoleon’s Last BattlesNapoleon has escaped exile on Elba to retake the French throne in early 1815, but is surrounded by the armies of the Seventh Coalition, determined to remove him again. Napoleon’s only chance is a preemptive strike, to disrupt the Coalition’s plans and perhaps cause it to fall apart.

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Masuria: Winter Battle 1915: After the Tannenberg campaign of August-September 1914, East Prussia became a strategic backwater as both sides focused their efforts in Poland.

Tannenberg: East Prussia, August 1914: In August 1914, two Russian armies, Rennenkampf’s First and Samsonov’s Second, invaded the German province of East Prussia.

Suez 1916: The Ottomans Strike: The Suez Canal was essential to British strategic communications and trade in the Great War, as well as being an important political symbol.

Gaza 1917: Gateway to Jerusalem: By early 1917 British Empire forces had pushed the Ottoman Turks out of the Sinai to a line near Gaza.


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Today in Military History
1 September 1870

The Prussian army defeats the French in the Battle of Sedan in the Franco-Prussian War. In an effort to unite the southern German states of Baden, Wurttemberg, Bavaria, and Hesse-Darmstadt with the larger Northern German Confederation, Prussia provoked France into instigating a conflict with the powerful German state. The Prussian/German forces outnumbered the French and had a more professional military. Overwhelming the French, German troops poured into France, sweeping aside defenses and striking deep into the heart of France. The Battle of Sedan saw the capture of Emperor Napoleon III and an opening to the French capital of Paris, that the German’s laid siege to on 19 September. The war would finally end on 10 May 1871 with the Treaty of Frankfurt and would see the rise of an imperial Germany in Western Europe. See MoreSee Less

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Today in Military History
27 August 1798

A combined force of 2,000 French and Irish troops defeat the British in the Battle of Castlebar. Ireland had been under English control from the time of the Norman invasion in 1169 AD. Despite centuries of Colonial rule, the Irish had longed for an independent state, free from the reign of Britain. With the rise of the French Revolution and the British army’s involvement on the continent, most of the defenses in Ireland were left to the militia. Seizing upon the moment, a rebellion was launched by the collective efforts of republican minded Irishmen. Led by the Society of United Irishmen and supported with troops and arms from France the resistance grew and spread throughout Ireland. The British militia had assembled at Castlebar with the strength of 6,000 men. The Irish rebels and their French supporters numbered just over 2,000 but had the resource of professional soldiers in their ranks. The use of professional soldiers proved triumphant for the Irish and French coalition, as the British militia fled as the rebel force broke through their lines. The victory led to the establishment of the Republic of Connacht, but with the French troops returning to France the British quickly regained the territory. See MoreSee Less

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Today in Military History
25 August 1580
Spanish forces decisively defeat the Portuguese army of Dom Antonio in the Battle of Alcantara. Following the death of Portuguese King Sabastian I in 1578, the kingdom of Portugal plunged into chaos while succeeding pretenders vied for the throne. One such pretender was Dom Antonino, the Prior of Crato. The King of Spain, Philip II also laid claim to the Portuguese crown and soon the War of Portuguese Succession erupted between the forces loyal to Antonio and the Spanish monarch. The Portuguese army had been decimated in the Battle of Ksar El Kebir, with the bulk of the Portuguese troop strength imprisoned by the Spanish. To build up his army, Antonio recruited local townspeople and peasants to serve in his ranks, as well as 3,000 African slaves whom he guaranteed freedom once victory had been achieved. Lacking a well-trained army, the Spanish easily crushed the forces loyal to Antonio in the Battle of Alcantara, killing and capturing over half of his force while suffering negligible losses of their own.
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