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Al Nofi’s Imperium Romanum: is an update to the classic game of the Roman Empire by Al Nofi. The rules cover the intricacies of the political, economic, and military conflicts of the Roman world from the first century…

RAF: Eagle Computer Game: puts you in control of the Luftwaffe forces raiding England. You schedule raids and assign missions to your bombers and fighters, attempting to deliver the knockout blow. Can you take out…

Operations Olympic & Coronet (Ziplock): is a hypothetical simulation on a regiment-brigade level of the planned invasion of Japan. Olympic is the planned November 1945 invasion of Kyushu, the southernmost…

World War I Deluxe Edition: This update of the S&T#294 issue game will include a Mounted Game Board, and an update of the counters and rules. World War I originated in a combustible mix of dynastic…


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In remembrance of those lost during the attack on Pearl Harbor. See MoreSee Less

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Today in Military History
6 December 1917

USS Jacob Jones is sunk by U-53 during World War I. USS Jacob Jones was commissioned on 10 February 1916, the fifth ship in the Tucker-class of destroyers. Following America’s entry into World War I, she was tasked with patrolling the waters off the coast of Virginia. In early May 1917, she was deployed to Europe, arriving in Queenstown, Ireland, on 17 May. While stationed at Queenstown, she conducted patrols and escort duties for convoys. In December, USS Jacob Jones and five other destroyers were ordered to escort a convoy from Queenstown to Brest, France. After successfully escorting the convoy to France, she made her way back to Queenstown. As evening approached on 6 December 1917, the German submarine U-53 spotted USS Jacob Jones and fired a torpedo at the destroyer. The torpedo struck the destroyer and within minutes she began to sink. Her commander, David W. Bagley, ordered all life rafts launched. As the destroyer sunk beneath the waves some of the armed depth charges exploded. The explosions killed a number of sailors who were still trying to escape the sinking warship. The sinking of USS Jacob Jones marked the first US warship lost to enemy action in World War I. See MoreSee Less

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Did you know?

Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci both served as military engineers with considerable distinction. See MoreSee Less

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