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2 days ago

Today in Military History
22 February 1744

The Franco-Spanish fleet engages the British Mediterranean Fleet in the Battle of Toulon. In 1740 the War of Austrian Succession broke out. Spain and Britain were still at war with one another, fighting in the America’s during the War of Jenkins’ Ear. Although France and Britain were on opposite sides initially during the War of Austrian Succession, there was not a state of war between the nations until 1744. The Spanish fleet had taken refuge in the French port of Toulon, and was quickly blockaded by the British Mediterranean Fleet. The British allowed French ships to pass through the blockade. On the evening of 22 February 1744, the Spanish fleet began their attempt to breach the British blockade. Despite their numerical disadvantage, the Spanish fleet was able to gain the upper-hand over the British. Witnessing the tide of battle turn, the French joined the Spanish fleet in ousting the Brits from their blockade. See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

Did you know?

Prior to the dissolution of the USSR, the distance between St. Petersburg (Leningrad) and the nearest NATO ground force was about 1,000 miles. Today the corresponding distance is about a tenth of that figure. See MoreSee Less