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D-Day at Omaha Beach (3rd Printing): recreates America’s most bloody and heroic day of World War II. In this solitaire game from the designer of the solo classics RAF and Ambush, you control the forces of…

D-Day at Tarawa (2nd Printing): is a solitaire game simulating the amphibious invasion of Betio Island in the Tarawa Atoll. The US marines assaulting the tiny island, with its strategically vital airstrip…

D-Day Kits: Kits for D-Day at Omaha Beach, D-Day at Tarawa, and D-Day at Peleliu that includes a Mounted Game Board and Color Rules Booklet…

Drive on Moscow Ziplock: is a two-player (solitaire friendly), low-intermediate complexity, strategic simulation of the German attempt to capture the capital of the Soviet Union late in 1941…


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Did you know?

The heliograph was adopted by the British Army in 1875. Using a hinged mirror, the device could send a coded message out to a range of 90 miles on a clear day. See MoreSee Less

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Strategy & Tactics Issue #310 – Game Edition
American Civil War

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Today in Military History
15 March 1311

Mercenaries from the Catalan Company defeat the Duchy of Athens in the Battle of Halmyros. In 1309, Walter of Brienne became the Duke of Athens following the death of Guy II de la Roche. Hoping to exploit the turmoil in Greece, Walter hired the Catalan Company of mercenaries to attack neighboring Thessaly. Despite conquering large parts of Thessaly, Walter refused to pay the mercenaries. On 15 March 1311, Walter and his army met the Catalan Company at Halmyros in southern Thessaly with the intent of expelling the mercenaries from their territory. Walter’s army vastly outnumbered the mercenaries, but the Catalan’s had the advantage by positioning their troops in marshy terrain, thereby reducing the effect of Walter’s heavy cavalry. Walter and his knights began the attack with a cavalry charge against the Catalan line. This proved fateful, as the marshy terrain hindered the effect of the charge. The Catalan line withstood the attack, killing a large number of knights including Walter. With their leader dead, Walter’s army was routed from the field. The Catalan’s later seized control of the Duchy of Athens and ruled there until 1380. See MoreSee Less

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World at War Issue #59 – Game Edition
The Luzon Campaign, 1945

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