Here’s the latest news from Decision Games, as of 29 June 2020:

Strategy & Tactics Press Update

We are fully back up and running and magazine issues are shipping again. World at War #72 shipped four weeks ago; Modern War #48 shipped three weeks ago; Strategy & Tactics #323 shipped last week ago (store copies ought to be in stores later this week or right after the long weekend). See the magazine section of this What’s New for details of issue shipping dates.

Digital Dispatch #38

The Dispatch has released with several special sales including our summer releases. An email has been sent to everyone on our email list with a link to the Digital Dispatch. Please note there is no print/mail version this issue, but you are welcome to download the issue and print it out. If you did not receive the link, you can click here for details.

Lucky Forward and Upcoming Releases

Components for Lucky Forward are being collated however there have been interruptions due to the early arrival of magazine issues. As always, Game Edition issues are immediately collated and shipped to subscribers followed by shipments to distributors and retailers. To help speed everything along, we’ve hired an additional fulfillment staffer to help with collation and shipping.

As of today, we are shipping Lucky Forward until all pledge and pre-orders are shipped. We’ll do our best to get them all out this week, but with the size of the game and the quantity of orders, we’ll likely be shipping these into next week.

Once we finish Lucky Forward, we will move onto the other new releases:

  • 20 Jul D-Day at Omaha Beach (4th printing)
  • 3 Aug D-Day Quad Deluxe (the four folios released last year sold out within months so we merged them into a boxed set), and
  • 17 Aug Battle for Germany Deluxe Edition

Magazine and Mini Game Playtesters

Thank you to all the volunteers who have tested our games. Contact Doc at if interested.

We’re looking for gamers who’d like to be in the pool for testing our games. In general, we need at least four play test sessions over an eight-week period to play the game and provide a summary of questions, clarifications, and play balance comments. Send an e-mail Doc at with your contact info and preferences.

We also have magazine games available for play test with Vassal modules. Click here.

DGHQ Open Playtest

We have frequent open playtesting in Bakersfield and Ridgecrest, CA. We are testing our future magazine games, mini and folio games, as well as our future boxed games. Anyone interested can contact Doc at for additional information and directions.

Open Positions

We are seeking applicants for a Web Developer (local or remote) to work on a thorough update of our web sites. Contact Doc at

Part-time contractor positions for game developers are open for the upcoming Science Fiction and Euro Game lines (can be done from anywhere but have a required annual meeting with the Publisher and Managing Game Developer). Contact Doc at

Computer Game Playtesters

D-Day at Peleliu is testing. E-mail Doc at if you are interested.

VASSAL modules

Our Vassal section is growing and now has over 125 modules total. We are adding modules on a regular basis from both our dedicated group of module creators as well as outside submissions. Thanks to everyone who has submitted modules as well as those who are utilizing the Vassal modules created specifically in support of our play testing program. Please click here for an update on our progress and to visit our module page.

We have finished over 100 magazine game play test modules and are looking for testers. We’ve made the process easy by setting up a separate page with all of the modules (and brief game descriptions) available for play test and an easy registration process to receive them. We’d appreciate your input on these games so they will be even better! Click here.

Strategy & Tactics Quarterly

STQ#10 features Whirlwind: Kursk to Berlin will ship 14 July. STQ#11 features Thirty Years War and will be shipping 8 Sep. Get the current issue now!

Strategy & Tactics Update

Strategy & Tactics #323 features Rangers at Pointe du Hoc and will be shipping by 22 Jun. Strategy & Tactics #324 features Fight the Fall and will ship by 25 Aug. For previews go to:

Modern War Update

Modern War #48 features Block-by-Block: Hue has shipped. Modern War #49 features Objective Munich and will ship by 11 Aug. The Seven Days to the Rhine series begins in #47 and continues in alternate issues through #55. For previews go to:

World at War Update

World at War #72 with Paratrooper: Primsole Bridge & Palembang has shipped. World at War #73 with Spring Awakening will ship in 28 Jul. For previews go to:

Decision Games – next 180 days

Lucky Forward is in collation now. Pre-orders are still being accepted. Pre-order Now!

A fourth printing of D-Day at Omaha Beach will hit the beach in July. Pre-order Now!

D-Day Quad Deluxe will release in late July. After the D-Day folios began selling out only a few months after their initial release last year, we decided to make a combined edition with a mounted game board. Reminiscent of the SPI Quadrigames, we put all four together in one box. The four games can be played individually, in pairs, or altogether in a combined campaign game. Pre-order Now!

Battle for Germany Deluxe includes an enlarged and expanded mounted game board, counter sets for the original Dunnigan design from Strategy & Tactics, the 1995 DG/MOVES edition, and new optional supply counters and rules courtesy of aficionado Donald Johnson. Pledge orders will be accepted until 31 Jul 20, and the game should release the first week of Augune. Pledge Now!

SPW Update

All six games of the Der Weltkrieg Series, are available for direct orders and at retailers. Tannenberg includes a streamlined 16-page rules booklet, 140 counters, and a 17” x 22” map. Dave has also added a tutorial video series to his web site. Dave has also added a tutorial video series to his web site.

Recent Magazine and Boxed Games Now Available:

  • Strategy & Tactics #316 (Campaigns of 1777)
  • Modern War #41 (Sixth Fleet)
  • World at War #66 (Cruise of the Graf Spee)
  • Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #6: D-Day (with map poster)
  • Strategy & Tactics #317 (Moscow)
  • Modern War #42 (Dragon Engulfed the Sun)
  • Montrose, Khartoum, Lawrence, and Telemark mini-games.
  • Cobra
  • Utah, Omaha, Gold/Juno, and Sword  folios
  • Bleeding Kansa
  • World at War #67 (Changsha)
  • Strategy & Tactics #318 (Constantinople)
  • Modern War #43 (Operation Serval)
  • Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #7: The Crusades (map poster, no game)
  • World at War #68 (France 40)
  • Strategy & Tactics #319 (Schlieffen’s War)
  • RAF Deluxe (box game w/ 2-sided mounted board)
  • Modern War #44 (Desert One War)
  • Desert Fox Deluxe (boxed edition)
  • World at War #69 (Breakout: First Panzer Army)
  • Strategy & Tactics #320 (Sepoy Mutiny)
  • Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #8: Tet Offensive
  • Modern War #45 (Dragon & Hermit)
  • World at War #70 (Great Pacific War)
  • Strategy & Tactics #321 (Airborne Korea)
  • Modern War #46 (Foreign Legion Paratrooper)
  • Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #9: American Revolution
  • World at War #71 (Forgotten Pacific Battles)
  • Strategy & Tactics #322 (Banana Wars)
  • Modern War #47 (Objective Nuremberg-Seven Days to the Rhine series)
  • World at War #72 (Paratrooper 2)
  • Strategy & Tactics #323 (Rangers)
  • Modern War #48 (Block-by-Block: Hue)

Projected Release Schedule for next 12 months (Dates subject to change)

Magazines Games:

  • Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #10: Operation Whirlwind – Summer
  • World at War #73 (Spring Awakening) – Aug
  • Strategy & Tactics #324 (Fight the Fall) – Sep
  • Modern War #49 (Objective Munich) – Sep
  • Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #11: Thirty Years War (map poster, no game) – Fall
  • World at War #74 (Munich War) – Oct
  • Strategy & Tactics #325 (Italo-Turkish War) – Nov
  • Modern War #50 (Putin Moves East) – Nov
  • World at War #75 (Centrifugal Offensive) – Dec
  • Strategy & Tactics #326 (Mukden) – Jan
  • Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #12: Dreadnoughts – Winter
  • Modern War #51 (Objective Frankfurt-Seven Days to the Rhine series) – Jan
  • World at War #76 (Operation Jupiter) – Feb
  • Strategy & Tactics #327 (Suwalki Gap) – Mar
  • Modern War #52 (World War Africa) – Mar
  •  Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #13: Thirty Years War – Spring
  • World at War #77 (Winter War-Finland) – Apr
  • Strategy & Tactics #328 (Vicksburg) – May
  • Modern War #53 (Objective Kassel-Seven Days to the Rhine series) – May
  • World at War #78 (Drive on Suez) – Jun
  • Strategy & Tactics #329 (Shanghai-Nanking Campaign) – Jul
  • Modern War #54 (Upper Karabakh War) – Jul

Boxed Games and Other Projects:


  • Lucky Forward: The Lorraine Campaign (GOSS)
  • D-Day at Omaha Beach (4th Edition)
  • D-Day Quad Deluxe (boxed edition)
  • Battle for Germany Deluxe (boxed edition)


  • Axis Empires
  • Battles in the East: North Ukraine and Warsaw (new series)
  • Corrupt Bargain: 1824 Presidential Election
  • D-Day at Saipan
  • Midway Solitaire Deluxe
  • Hougoumont mini-game
  • Balaclava mini-game
  • Hornet’s Nest mini-game
  • Little Round Top mini-game


  • Market-Garden (GOSS)
  • Battles in the East #2: Uman and Tula (new series)
  • Pork Chop Hill folio (solo)
  • Shores of Tripoli mini-game (solo)
  • Sand Pebbles mini-game (solo)
  • StarSoldier mini-game (solo)
  • Kircholm mini-game
  • Battles in the East #3: Sonnewande and Drive to the Sea (new series)
  • Napoleon 20 series: Imperial Sunrise (new series)

 We’re adding something to our site all the time, so keep checking back!