Here’s the latest news from Decision Games, as of 20 Mar 17:

March (Reprint) Madness Final Round!

We are starting the final round of our March (Reprint) Madness contest today. This contest is between many of our out-of-print games to determine the next game we will reprint in boxed format (as opposed to zip-lock or magazine formats as we have done in the past). In each round, participants will choose between pairs of games in a head-to-head bracket format. Click here.

New Subscription Management Software!

We have implemented new subscription management software. This will allow subscribers to manage their own subscriptions by checking on issues remaining, place renewals or new orders, and make address changes. Please note the old issue expiration number has been replaced with an issues remaining number. Also changing on address labels is that there will be a new subscription account number. This number is different from your DG account number and can be used to access your subscription account information. You will need to create a new password account for the subscription account (i.e. your S&T shop account and password will not work in the new subscription section – this will still work for back issues and premium services). Click here.

DG Deal of the Month

The DG Deal of the Month for March is any six folios for $99!  Sale ends 28 Feb. Click here.

Magazine Game Playtesters

Thank you to all the volunteers who tested games in the past four months. We are starting the next group in about 3 weeks. The games to be tested include:

  • Bastogne
  • Escape Hell’s Gate (Korsun Pocket)
  • Stalin Moves West
  • Luzon Campaign (solo)
  • Eisenhower’s War
  • Peaks of the Caucasus

We’re looking for gamers who’d like to be in the pool for testing these and future magazine games. In general, we need at least four play test sessions over a two-month period to play the game and provide a summary of questions, clarifications, and play balance comments. Send an e-mail Doc at with your top 2 or 3 from this list. We also have magazine games available for play test with Vassal modules. Click here.

Board Game Playtesters

We are looking for serious groups interested in play testing Imperium Romanum III. These groups must have at least four players (six is ideal). Testing will focus first on map and counter accuracy, and then on updated rules clarity and play balance in the new scenarios.

We are also looking for a group with at least two dedicated play testers (ideally four) to test Alamo to Appomattox, our Krieg-style American Civil War game. This game includes introductory scenarios for the Texas Independence and the Mexican-American War, a 1850’s card-driven game, and four starting points for the ACW (1853, 1857, 1861, and 1865). All groups must be able to play at least two days per month. Those interested should e-mail Doc at

DGHQ Open Playtest

We have frequent open playtesting in Bakersfield and Ridgecrest, CA. We are testing our future magazine games, mini and folio games, as well as our future boxed games. Anyone interested can contact Doc at for additional information and directions.

Open Positions

Part-time contractor positions for game developers are open for the upcoming Science Fiction and Euro Game lines (can be done from anywhere but have a required annual meeting with the Publisher and Managing Game Developer). Click here for more information and how to apply.

Hex War

Confusion Alert! We’re going to talk about (the subscription game play site) next, then (the game apps available for download from Apple, Steam, and HexWar direct.).

We will be sending a sequel survey out to current HexWar subscribers, as well as past subscribers and interested parties through the BattleArena e-newsletter. We want your feedback on what should be changed or updated on the web site, and what new games to convert. update:

Bloody April is now live! CLICK HERE for more info.

The classic SPI Great Battles of the American Civil War series is being released about one game per month. Stonewall and Drive on Washington were released previously.

NUTS! is now available on Steam.

Games from the Fire & Movement folio series will start releasing about one per month once Saipan finishes development. All will feature AI (not just Iwo). Other WWII titles will follow in this probable order: Bastogne, Arnhem, Aachen, Cauldron, Crusader, Kasserine, Battle of the Schedlt, Alamein, and Mortain Counterattack.

All apps will be available for the Mac and iPad. The Fire & Movement series will also include PC adaptation in all games. On-line multi-player is also in the works.

Computer Game Playtesters

PC D-Day at Tarawa has released. RAF Eagle is almost ready for beta testing. E-mail Doc at if you are interested in helping with the beta testing.

VASSAL modules

Our Vassal section is growing and now has over 50 modules total. We are adding modules on a regular basis from both our dedicated group of module creators as well as outside submissions. Thanks to everyone who has submitted modules as well as those who are utilizing the Vassal modules created specifically in support of our play testing program. Please click here for an update on our progress and to visit our module page.

We have finished over 20 magazine game play test modules and are looking for testers. We’ve made the process easy by setting up a separate page with all of the modules (and brief game descriptions) available for play test and an easy registration process to receive them. We’d appreciate your input on these games so they will be even better! Click here.

Strategy & Tactics Update

Strategy & Tactics #304 with American Revolution in the South has shipped. S&T#305 features Armies of the White Sun and will be shipping in late May. For previews go to:

Modern War Update

Modern War #29 with Putin’s War has shipped. Modern War #30 with Enduring Freedom will ship in early June. For previews go to:

World at War Update

World at War #53 has shipped and features Strike & Counterstrike. World at War #54 features Midway Campaign and will ship in early May. For previews go to:

Decision Games – next 90 days

The American Revolution (zip-lock) and Zama (folio) have shipped to stores.

SPW Update

All six games of the Der Weltkrieg Series, are available for direct orders and at retailers. Tannenberg includes a streamlined 16-page rules booklet, 140 counters, and a 17” x 22” map. Dave has also added a tutorial video series to his web site. Dave has also added a tutorial video series to his web site.

Recent Magazine and Boxed Games Now Available:

  • Modern War #23 (Fallujah solo)
  • World at War #48 (Duel in the North)
  • Strategy & Tactics #299 (First Crusade solo)
  • Modern War #24 (LZ Albany)
  • Miranda Minis: LRDG and Merrill’s Marauders
  • World at War #49 (Gertrud 42)
  • Barbarossa Special Interest Publication
  • Barbarossa Deluxe update/enlargement
  • American Revolution zip-lock update/reprint
  • Strategy & Tactics #300 (Special Edition: Desert Fox Deluxe)
  • Modern War #25 (Special Edition: October War)
  • World at War #50 (Special Edition: Zhukov’s War)
  • Miranda SF Minis: Phobos Rising! and Ceres: Operation Stolen Base
  • Strategy & Tactics #301 (Kaiser’s War in the East)
  • Modern War #26 (Invasion: Afghanistan)
  • World at War #51 (Malaya – PB#4)
  • Strategy & Tactics #302 (Great Northern War)
  • Modern War #27 (Modern Battles: Kaliningrad & Mosul)
  • World at War #52 (Sealion)
  • Strategy & Tactics #303 (War Returns to Europe: Slovenia)
  • Modern War #28 (Objective: Havana)
  • World at War #53 (Strike & Counterstrike)
  • Strategy & Tactics #304 (Southern American Revolution) – May

Projected Release Schedule for next 12 months (Dates subject to change)

Magazines Games:

  • Modern War #29 (Putin’s War) – May
  • World at War #54 (Midway solo) – Jun
  • Strategy & Tactics #305 (Armies of the White Sun solo) – Jul
  • Modern War #30 (Enduring Freedom) – Jul
  • World at War #55 (Commando solo) – Aug
  • Strategy & Tactics #306 (Agricola) – Sep
  • Modern War #31 (Combat Vet) – Sep
  • World at War #56 (Bastogne solo) – Oct
  • Strategy & Tactics #307 (Cold War/Hot Armor) – Nov
  • Modern War #32 (Operation Musketeer) – Nov
  • World at War #57 (Escape Hell’s Gate) – Dec
  • Strategy & Tactics #308 (War for Jenkin’s War) – Jan
  • Modern War #33 (ISIS War) – Jan
  • World at War #58 (Stalin Moves West) – Feb
  • Strategy & Tactics #309 (War for Turkish Independence) – Mar
  • Modern War #34 (Opaque War: Ukraine) – Mar
  • World at War #59 (Luzon Campaign) – Apr
  • Strategy & Tactics #310 (American Civil War) – May

Boxed Games and Other Projects:

  • Imperium Romanum III – 2017


  • D-Day at Iwo Jima
  • Lucky Forward: The Lorraine Campaign (GOSS)
  • Alamo to Appomattox
  • Campaign for North Africa
  • Star Force: Alpha Centauri

 We’re adding something to our site all the time, so keep checking back!