The games listed below have yet to be published. They are available as early access. In order to receive any of these games, you must complete a play test registration form and agree to provide feedback about the game for at least 60 days. Once you are confirmed as a playtester, you will be sent the module as well as a rules file.

Upcoming game descriptions are directly below. To register to become a playtester use the form at the bottom of the page.

  • Strategy & Tactics

    ST302 – Great Northern War

    ST303 – War Returns to Europe

    ST304 – Am Rev South

    ST305 – Armies of the White Sun

    ST306 – Agricola

    ST307 – Cold War Hot Armour

    ST308 – Jenkin’s Ear

  • World At War

    WW51 – Pacific Battles: Malaya

    WW52 – Sealion

    WW53 – Strike & Counterstrike (SCS)

    WW54 – Midway Solitaire

    WW55 – Commandos: Europe

    WW57 – Hell’s Gate

    WW58 – Stalin Moves West

    WW59 – Luzon Campaign, 1945

    WW60 – Eisenhower’s War

  • Modern War

    MW26 – Invasion Afghanistan

    MW27 – Modern Battles II

    MW28 – Objective Havana

    MW29 – Putin’s War

    MW30 – Enduring Freedom

    MW31 – Combat Vet

    MW32 – Musketeer

    MW33 – ISIS War

    MW34 – Opaque War Ukraine

    MW35 – Mike Force

    MW36 – Cold Start: India-Pakistan War

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