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Mansfield: Crisis in the Pine Barrens: In early 1864, Union Gen. Nathaniel Banks led a small army up Louisiana’s Red River. His objective, in conjunction with an overland…

Wilson’s Creek: Opening Round in the West: In the months after Fort Sumter fell, Missouri was riven by a civil war within a civil war. Missouri rebels, organized as…

First Saratoga: Burgoyne’s Gambit: In the late summer of 1777, the British master plan to sever New England from the rest of the rebellious American colonies had…

Germantown: Washington Strikes: A British campaign in the late summer of 1777 had defeated George Washington’s American army to capture Philadelphia…

Lettow-Vorbeck: East Africa 1914-18: A game covering the East African campaign of 1914-18. One player controls the Allied units and tries to clear German East Africa…

MiG Alley: Air War Over Korea 1951: A two-player game covering the air battles over North Korea in 1951. One player controls the UN forces and must carry out a series…

Suez ’56: Anglo-French Intervention: A game that places you in command of British, French, and Israeli forces in Operation Musketeer, the invasion of Egypt…

Gaza 1917: Gateway to Jerusalem: A game that places you in command of United States and South Vietnamese (ARVN) forces in the campaign to relieve the USMC…


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Today in Military History
11 February 1659

Danish and Dutch troops repel a Swedish assault on the city of Copenhagen during the Second Northern War. With the spark of the Dano-Swedish War in 1658, Sweden occupied the Danish mainland of Jutland. On 11 February 1658, Sweden crossed the frozen straits between Jutland and Zealand, marching towards the Danish capital of Copenhagen. Following the Treaty of Roskilde, Sweden gained significant territory. Swedish King Karl X Gustav was not content with his victory, and desired to wipe out his Scandinavian rival. In August 1658, Swedish forces began their siege of the Danish capital. On 29 October 1658, a Dutch fleet defeated Sweden in the Battle of the Sound in an attempt to end the blockade of Copenhagen. Despite the naval defeat, Sweden maintained its siege of the city. After six months of surrounding the city, Sweden launched its assault on the capital. After suffering severe losses in attempting to overrun the Danish-Dutch resistance, the Swedish army withdrew from the battlefield, ending the siege.
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Today in Military History
9 February 1654

Spanish forces capture Fort Rocher on Tortuga Island (present day Haiti) from the French during the Franco-Spanish War. At midday on 9 February, the French and English inhabitant’s spotted four Spanish warships approach Tortuga Island. The attack came as a result of French and English buccaneers sacking the Spanish settlements at Santiago de los Caballeros (present day Dominican Republic) and the Cuban port of San Juan de los Remedios, years earlier. The Spanish assaulted the French fort with 700 troops and a single artillery battery. Capturing the fort, the Spanish slaughtered the 500 prisoners, and captured 160,000 Spanish dollars. Leaving behind a garrison of 150 troops, the fort was eventually destroyed and abandoned by the Spanish 18-months later.
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Lightning: Poland

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