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D-Day at Peleliu is a solitaire game simulating the amphibious invasion of Peleliu in the Palau Islands. The Marines assaulted with the primary goal of capturing the airstrip nestled amid jungle and overlooked by forbidding mountain terrain.

Wellington’s Victory. The classic 1976 game covering the battle of Waterloo returns in this revamped version. Napoleon’s French Army of the North faces Wellington’s hodge-podge Army of the Low Countries, who are fighting for time while awaiting the arrival of Blucher’s Prussian Army of the Lower Rhine.

Napoleon’s Last BattlesNapoleon has escaped exile on Elba to retake the French throne in early 1815, but is surrounded by the armies of the Seventh Coalition, determined to remove him again. Napoleon’s only chance is a preemptive strike, to disrupt the Coalition’s plans and perhaps cause it to fall apart.

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Masuria: Winter Battle 1915: After the Tannenberg campaign of August-September 1914, East Prussia became a strategic backwater as both sides focused their efforts in Poland.

Tannenberg: East Prussia, August 1914: In August 1914, two Russian armies, Rennenkampf’s First and Samsonov’s Second, invaded the German province of East Prussia.

Suez 1916: The Ottomans Strike: The Suez Canal was essential to British strategic communications and trade in the Great War, as well as being an important political symbol.

Gaza 1917: Gateway to Jerusalem: By early 1917 British Empire forces had pushed the Ottoman Turks out of the Sinai to a line near Gaza.


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Today in Military History
28 July 1945

Hindered by a thick fog over New York City, an Army Air Corps B-25 Mitchell crashes into the Empire State building. On a routine flight from Bedford Army Air Field to Newark Airport, a B-25 Mitchell became lost in a thick fog over New York City and crashed into the 78th floor of the Empire State building. All three crewmen of the flight were killed in the accident, as were 11 people in the building. Despite the damage from the aircraft, the Empire State building did not suffer any significant structural damage. One individual, Betty Oliver, who was operating the buildings elevator, survived after the elevator she was in plunged 75 stories following the severing of the elevator’s cable in the crash. Oliver holds the Guinness World Record for the longest survived elevator fall.
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Today in Military History
23 July 1864

Bloody Bill Anderson and his Bushwhackers raid the town of Renick, Missouri. The Bushwhackers were an asymmetrical force organized by the Confederates during the Civil War. Unlike their regular army counterparts, the Bushwhackers resembled an outlaw gang more than a conventional army unit. On 23 July, the Bushwhackers raided the town of Renick in Missouri, robbing stores and destroying the telegraph system to the town. They attempted to attack a train but were foiled when the train’s conductor learned of the raid on Renick and was able to get the train turned around before reaching the town. Following the war, two of the Bushwhackers under Bloody Bill Anderson would go on to lead a life of crime. The two infamous outlaws, Jesse and Frank James, would become staples in American folklore.
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Today in Military History
21 July 1944

The Second Battle of Guam begins with the American invasion. The United States had gained control of Guam during the Spanish-American War and established a naval base on the island in the years preceding World War II. On 8 December 1941 the Japanese invaded the island, capturing most of the islands Marine defenders and establishing it as a base of operations in the Pacific. The US orchestrated a plan to retake the island, as well as other outposts in the Mariana Islands with Operation Forager. The island was defended by a mixture of land and naval forces when the US launched its invasion on 21 July. Following weeks of brutal fighting, the American’s were able to retake the island by killing and capturing the whole of the Japanese forces defending the outpost.
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Today in Military History
16 July 1940

The Nazi high command begins preparations for the invasion of Britain. With France under German control and the British pushed back across the English Channel, Germany began preliminary preparations for Operation Sea Lion, the German invasion of the United Kingdom. The initial plans called for an intensive air campaign over Britain while the German naval fleet assembled the necessary ships and landing craft needed for the invasion. The Battle of Britain had commenced a few days earlier, but the height of the combat would occur in the fall of 1940. Following the Commonwealth’s victory in the Battle of Britain, Adolf Hitler canceled the planned amphibious invasion and began to focus his attention towards the east and the eventual invasion of the Soviet Union.
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