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Long Range Desert Group (LRDG): is a solitaire game covering small-scale British operations against the Axis forces in North Africa. The player has to carry out one of four missions, or string all four together in a campaign game….

Merrill’s Marauders: is a solitaire game covering missions behind Japanese lines in the Burmese jungle. The player has to carry out one of four missions, or string all four together in a campaign game…

Barbarossa Deluxe: A strategic-level, two-player “mini-monster” of intermediate complexity, designed by Ty Bomba, covering the entire Russo-German War…

American Revolution: This is a ziplock reprint of the original game. It has one map. Includes a 32-page booklet and a PAC…


15 hours ago

Today in Military History
28 June 1942

Germany launches its summer offensive in southern Russia, dubbed Case Blue. A year earlier Germany had launched its invasion of the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa. Hoping to knock the Soviet’s out of the war, Case Blue involved a two-prong attack, with Army Group A driving on the Baku Oil Fields, and Army Group B securing its northern flank along the Volga River. The offensive was initially successful, with Axis troops advancing into the Caucasus region and capturing large tracts of territory in the oil rich region. In the north, Axis troops found themselves bogged down in Stalingrad. The German offensive would last until November, and following the defeat of the Axis troops at Stalingrad, the tide began to turn on the Eastern Front.
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1 day ago

The American Revolution is now available!

The American Revolution: Decision in North America, is a two-player wargame, designed by Joseph Miranda, in which you command the Americans or the British in the War of American Independence, 1775-82. The American player may also control French and Spanish units if those nations enter the war. Instead of the full campaign game, players may also choose to play the shorter scenario that ends in 1779.
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6 days ago

Today in Military History
23 June 1757

British forces from the East India Company defeat the Nawab of Bengal in the Battle of Plassey. By the middle of the 18th century, the British East India Company had established a strong presence in India, with a number of trading posts and settlements along the subcontinents coast. Following the British sack of Hooghly on 9 January 1757, the Nawab raised a sizeable army to counter British aggression. After a series of minor engagements throughout Bengal, the two sides clashed near the village of Plassey. The Nawab’s army outnumbered the British nearly ten to one. The engagement began with an exchange of artillery. A rain storm soon swept the battlefield, leaving the Nawab’s gunpowder drenched (the British protected their magazines with tarps). Believing the British guns suffered the same fate as their own the Bengal cavalry began a charge against the British lines. The British responded to this attack with a barrage of grapeshot, forcing the cavalry to retreat. Seeing his cavalry force destroyed, the Nawab began to withdraw from the battlefield. With the Nawab’s forces in retreat, the British launched a counterattack, driving the remaining Bengal troops from the battlefield.
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1 week ago

Today in Military History
21 June 1898

The United States captures the island of Guam during the Spanish-American War. On 10 May 1898, Capt. Henry Glass was ordered to capture Guam on his way to the Philippines. His force consisted of a single warship, USS Charleston, and three transports. The island was lightly defended with a small garrison of 54 Spanish troops. On 20 June, Glass’ small fleet sailed into the port of Agana. He received a letter from the governor of the island, Juan Marina, who wished to meet with him. The following morning a contingent of Marines landed with orders to capture the governor and the Spanish garrison. Although the governor protested his capture, he ensured no shots were fired between the two sides. With the island under US control, Glass set sail later that afternoon to join Adm. Dewey’s fleet in Manilla.
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2 weeks ago

Now Available!
World at War #49
Operation Gertrud

Mailed 6/15/16 to Subscribers. Allow 4-6 weeks for USPS delivery.
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