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ATLANTIC WALL is a grand-tactical simulation of that campaign. The counters represent almost every formation that participated at the company and battalion level.

D-Day at Tarawa is a solitaire game simulating the amphibious invasion of Betio Island in the Tarawa Atoll.

Leningrad recreates one of the most crucial campaigns of the Second World War, the northern wing of Operation Barbarossa in which German forces drive along the Baltic coast to take Leningrad and trap the Soviet fleet.

D-Day at Omaha Beach CD recreates America’s most bloody and heroic day of World War II.

Masuria: Winter Battle 1915: After the Tannenberg campaign of August-September 1914, East Prussia became a strategic backwater as both sides focused their efforts in Poland.

Tannenberg: East Prussia, August 1914: In August 1914, two Russian armies, Rennenkampf’s First and Samsonov’s Second, invaded the German province of East Prussia.

Suez 1916: The Ottomans Strike: The Suez Canal was essential to British strategic communications and trade in the Great War, as well as being an important political symbol.

Gaza 1917: Gateway to Jerusalem: By early 1917 British Empire forces had pushed the Ottoman Turks out of the Sinai to a line near Gaza.


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Did you know?

On 22 March 2010 NASA’s Spirit Rover sent its final transmission from Mars. The previous May the Rover found itself bogged down in loose soil and after concentrated efforts by teams at NASA and Cornell University to dislodge the craft it was decided to convert the mission of Rover to a stationary outpost. At the time of the final transmission of Rover, the mission had exceeded its initial operational expectations by 2,603 days. Rover’s twin craft, Opportunity, remains fully operational. (3 photos)
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2 weeks ago

Great News! This issue of World at War has shipped to subscribers and is available for purchase at the following link.

Pacific Battles: Shanghai is a wargame series of several campaigns in the Pacific Theater of Operations in World War II. The system emphasizes the operational level of these campaigns, and deals with land and air operations. This is a two-player game. One player controls the Japanese, the other the Allies. Shanghai is the third game in the series. It covers the entire land-air campaign for that strategic Chinese city of Shanghai, August to November, 1937.

Components: One 22" x 34" map & 228 counters
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3 weeks ago

Did you know?

The term "the 2,000 yard stare" (or 1,000 yard stare) was popularized from a painting by WWII artist and correspondent Tom Lea. The painting was first published in Life magazine in June 1945 and has become one of the most recognized paintings of World War II. Commenting on his time in service, Tom said he couldn’t rest in the blessing of his home and family when he returned from his last tour until he had "finished recording the testimony to which I was sworn as an eyewitness, for others as well as myself: what battle is and how it looks when you are there." He went on to paint 11 canvases including this 1944 portrait of a Marine at the Battle of Peleliu, (held by the United States Army Center of Military History in Fort Lesley J. McNair, Washington, D.C.). During his service Tom traveled over 100,000 miles in four tours and upon his return went on to become a writer and had two of his books made into movies, The Brave Bulls and The Wonderful Country.
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We have a contest winner for the Unbroken Blu-Ray! Thank you to all who participated in this weeks giveaway. We put all the names into our hat and Michael Baker has come out the lucky winner of this free Blu-Ray. Congrats & Enjoy!

WINNER: Michael C. Baker
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