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Corrupt Bargain: The 1824 Presidential Election (PLEDGE). A 2-4 player game about the 1824 election (John Quincy Adams vs. Andrew Jackson vs. Crawford vs. Henry Clay) that was the first election in which no candidate achieved a majority in the Electoral College.

Midway Solitaire Deluxe (PLEDGE). This game was selected in last year’s Deluxe survey. We are updating the map and counters and adding more variant counters along with variant rules.

Battle for Germany: Hitler’s Third Reich was clearly beaten in early December 1944 as Anglo-American and Soviet armies reached Germany’s borders to the east and west. The only questions remaining were how long it would take to finish the job, and how many more would die in the process.

Lucky Forward: This GOSS series game presents Third Army’s Fall 1944 offensive to just before the Germans launch their Ardennes Offensive further north. The battles of Metz, Fort Driant, and the German counter-offensive attempt against Patton using the new German Panzer Brigades are included.