DG Boxed Games

  • 1) I preordered a game but have not received it yet.

    Please click here to go to the “What’s New” page. We update this page regularly on the  production status of the games and magazines due out in the next year.

  • 2) When will a pledge list game be published?

    We will be publishing our pledge list games in the approximate order they appear on the pledge list, with about one game being  published every two to three months (that is, four to six games per  year). Thus, the games that are in the top  five are the ones we expect to publish in the next year, and the games in the top 10 are those we expect to publish in the next two  years. We don’t list anything beyond the top 10 because getting to the  number 10 spot is our criterion for  moving ahead with a game, and getting to the number five spot is our criterion for beginning artwork and going to print. We also don’t  list the number of pledges because we are working by a ranking system  similar to the one we use in  S&T (though the pledge system is a straight count system,  whereas S&T is a preference or forced choice system). The absolute  number of pledges does not determine which games will get printed,  rather the relative number, that is,  its ranking. Getting into the top 5 is what it takes.

  • 3) When should I consider my game shipment to be late?

    All orders are shipped UPS ground service unless otherwise  requested at the time of the order. Expected ship time for UPS is 7-10  business days (Midwest to east coast) and somewhat shorter for the west  coast. If requesting postal  service, it is shipped on a weekly basis and can take 10-14 days even for first class mail. Figure another 1-2 weeks before a shipment  is truly late.

  • 4) Where is the errata for the game I have?

    We maintain an errata page on this site (click here), which has the
    boxed game errata and a second link (click here) to the erules page.

  • 5) What is the purpose of the game response card?

    It’s an important part of the game. We maintain a database  of the registered game owners to send them errata, updates and  subsequent game offers. When the registration is received in our office, any errata available is automatically mailed to you and you are put on the mailing list for special offers. Please register your game purchase through our online form.

  • 6) My dog (child, spouse, other) ate my counters. Do you have game parts available?

    We have parts for most games available for purchase individually. Here is the price sheet.

    Counter sheet – $10
    Map – $10
    Rules – $5 per 16 pages
    Player Aid Card (PAC) – $2 per page
    Cones – $13.00 per bag
    Mounted Game Board – $20
    2 Inch Box – $20
    11x17x2 Box – $30

    You can order the game parts using the Desert Fox order form and typing in the information.

  • 7) How do I contribute an article or game?

    For magazine articles contact the Editor directly here. For a game submission, you can mail the prototype of the game with a cover letter detailing the playtesting, components, etc., to our offices, marked: Attention Dr. Cummins. For gaming questions use the gaming form here.

  • 8) How do I join the proofing team?

    For magazine proofing contact the Editor directly here. For game proofing or playtesting use the gaming form here. Note that compensation is usually in the form of a copy of the game or magazine.

Computer Games

  • 1) I purchased some computer games and want to know when the AI will be added.

    The fellow who was working on the computer versions  unfortunately moved on to other things. We are looking for other  individuals to pick up the baton and carry forward with this project,  but nothing definite has been worked out at  this time. Interested parties are welcome to email the publisher directly at: ccummins@bak.rr.com.

  • 2) How do I install the computer game I purchased?

    An example of installation for Decision Games computer games using the Ancient World (AW) game.

    Move the BAW file found on the disk to the file location you  want it to be in. Double-click on the icon to unzip it (making sure to  indicate you want the file to remain in the file you placed it in). Look at the file location again, and  there should be an AW program file and scenario file. Click on  the AW program file to start the game. Under File, New Game will let you access the scenario selection menu. Select the scenario you want to  play. If you want to enable the  A.I. to play against the computer, type “Ctrl-Alt-I” at this  point and select the side you want to play and computer for the other  side. You will find the rules for the game and the program mechanics  under Help.

Desert Fox Games

  • 1) Why are the games I want out of stock?

    Many of the items Desert Fox carries are one of kind or out of print games, and thus we only have one copy in stock at a time.

  • 2) I have games or magazines I no longer want. Do you trade or buy?

    At this time we no longer deal in collectible board games. We continue to accept lists for Strategy & Tactics magazine. Please indicate if it is the magazine and game. Condition must be stated as punched (game was played) or mint (counters not punched out); also any other notes on  condition are appreciated, such  as wear, highlighted, etc. Please be sure to include your name and contact information in the file and the accompanying email or cover  letter.  All  trades and purchases must be preapproved. The list can be submitted as a word rtf file or Excel spreadsheet. It can also be mailed to our  office, ATTN: Game Trade List.

If your question was not answered here, please feel free to submit a Customer Service Request