Deluxe Edition 2023 Survey

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    Deluxe Editions (so far)

    • World War I (2018)
    • Battle for Germany (2020)
    • Midway Solitaire (will release in June 2021)
    • Red Dragon Rising (2022)

    This survey will determine what out-of-print game will be the next Deluxe Edition with a mounted game board, updated map and counter graphics, and any additional design, development, variant and/or optional rules needed. For the 2023 Deluxe Edition Survey, we are repeating the top 11 games from the previous survey (other than Red Dragon Rising which won last year and will release in 2022).

    In this survey, you can pick a maximum of 3 games you’d like to see get the deluxe reprint treatment (please do not select more than 3 games as that will nullify your selections). Select “Yes” for up to 3 games. Leave blank or select “No” for the others.


    A1. S253 Drive on Kursk: July 1943
    A2. S265 Operation Jubilee: Dieppe 1942
    A3. S281 In-Country: Vietnam 1965-75
    A4. S283 Fail Safe
    A5. S299 First Crusade
    A6. S316 Campaigns of 1777
    A7. W10 Coral Sea Solitaire
    A8. W41 Mare Nostrum
    A9. W47 Crete 1941
    A10. W52 Sealion: The German Invasion of England, September 1940
    A11. M14 Carrier Battlegroup: Solitaire

    B1. Out of your three picks, what was your first choice, and what would you like to see included or updated in the deluxe reprint?

    B2. Was there a game you’d like to see in a Deluxe Edition that was not on the list? If so, what game and what would you like to see included or updated in the deluxe reprint?


    Thanks for participating!