Final Round Summary

Thanks to everyone who voted in this round, and especially those who took time to add their comments and suggestions.

And the winner is …. Army Group South.

AGS will be added to the DG Pledge Program immediately, and several areas are up for discussion about the update of the game including format (boxed sets versus individual zip-lock folios), a thorough update of the maps and counters with 40+ years of further research to draw on, a review of the historicity and play balance of the original games, and what additional battles to add to the series. All these questions and more will be described in the DG Dispatch out in a few weeks and a new topic will be added to ConSimWorld for continued discussion as we proceed on this new game series.

Also several of the runners-up from this contest are being added or updated in the Pledge Program and included in the Dispatch report. To those who stated their strong support, your pledge order will indicate your seriousness in seeing them move forward! We’ll also be discussing those games on their respective CSW topics or starting a new topic for the update.

Thanks again for participating. We hope you enjoyed the contest and took advantage of the various discounts and offers along the way. We’ll be doing this contest again next year.

For those interested, Modern War has started its next Mega-Feedback to determine future games for Modern War magazine. You can click here to go to that survey.