Here’s the latest news from Decision Games, as of 12 Sep 2022:

September Deal of the Month: Game Editions on Sale!

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Magazine and Mini Game Playtesters

Thank you to all the volunteers who have tested our games. Contact Doc at if interested.

We’re looking for gamers who’d like to be in the pool for testing our games. In general, we need at least four play test sessions over an eight-week period to play the game and provide a summary of questions, clarifications, and play balance comments. Send an e-mail Doc at with your contact info and preferences.

We also have magazine games available for play test with Vassal modules. Click here.

DGHQ Open Playtest

We are testing our Battles in the East games on 29/30 Sep. If interested in participating, please contact Doc at for additional information and directions.

Open Positions

A half-time contractor position for magazine game development is open. Play test experience is required. Anyone interested can contact Doc at for more information and how to apply.

Computer Game Playtesters

D-Day at Peleliu is testing. E-mail Doc at if you are interested.

VASSAL modules

Our Vassal section is growing and now has over 150 modules total. We are adding modules on a regular basis from both our dedicated group of module creators as well as outside submissions. Please click here for an update on our progress and to visit our module page.

We have finished over 100 magazine game play test modules and are looking for testers for upcoming games. We’ve made the process easy by setting up a separate page with all of the modules (and brief game descriptions) available for play test and an easy registration process to receive them. We’d appreciate your input on these games so they will be even better!  

Strategy & Tactics Quarterly

STQ#19 featuring French & Indian War has shipped. STQ#20 with Aircraft Carriers will ship in November. For previews go to:

Strategy & Tactics Update

S&T #337 featuring Caporetto has shipped. S&T #338 with Russian Boots South will ship in late November. For previews go to:

World at War Update

World at War #86 with Chaco has shipped. World at War #87 with Netherlands East Indies will ship in early November. For previews go to:

Decision Games – next 180 days

D-Day at Saipan has shipped to all pledge and pre-orders. If you have not received your game, please contact Paige at

SPW Update

All six games of the Der Weltkrieg Series, are available for direct orders and at retailers. Tannenberg includes a streamlined 16-page rules booklet, 140 counters, and a 17” x 22” map. Dave has also added a tutorial video series to his web site.

Magazine and Boxed Games Released in the past 12 months:

  • World at War #81 (Balkans ‘44)
  • Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #16: Next War: China
  • Strategy & Tactics #332 (30 Years War Battles)
  • World at War #82 (Wacht am Oder)
  • Strategy & Tactics #333 (Operation Unthinkable)
  • Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #17: Napoleon: Genius or System?
  • World at War #83 (Operation Causeway: Formosa)
  • Strategy & Tactics #334 (Rio Grande War)
  • World at War #84 (Manstein’s War)
  • Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #18: Korea: After Chosin
  • Strategy & Tactics #335 (Descent on Malta)
  • World at War #85 (Budapest)
  • Strategy & Tactics #336 (First Punic Wars)
  • Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #19: French & Indian War
  • World at War #86 (Chaco)
  • Strategy & Tactics #337 (Caporetto)

Projected Release Schedule for next 12 months (Dates subject to change)


  • World at War #87 (Netherlands East Indies) – Dec
  • Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #20: Aircraft Carriers – Winter
  • Strategy & Tactics #338 (Russian Boots South) – Jan
  • World at War #88 (War Comes Early) – Feb
  • Strategy & Tactics #339 (Saddam Moves South) – Mar
  • Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #21: Byzantium – Spring
  • World at War #89 (Crimea) – Apr
  • Strategy & Tactics #340 (French & Indian Battles) – May
  • World at War #90 (Great European War) – Jun
  • Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #22: Chinese Civil War – Summer
  • Strategy & Tactics #341 (Return to Europe) – Jul
  • World at War #91 (Tazierhuang/Stalin’s First Victory) – Aug
  • Strategy & Tactics #342 (Carolingian Twilight) – Sep
  • Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #23: War of 1812 – Fall
  • World at War #92 (Narvik) – Oct
  • Strategy & Tactics #343 (Albion) – Nov

Boxed Games and Other Projects:

Distributors and Retailers Shipping
Corrupt Bargain: 1824 Presidential Election

D-Day at Saipan


In-country Transit

Ocean Transit



  • Battles in the East #1: Sandomierz Offensive and Bagration Stopped (new series)

  • Battles in the East #2: Uman Pocket and Guderian’s Final Blitzkrieg


  • LRDG mini (2nd printing)

  • Vikings mini (2nd printing)

  • Khe Sahn mini (2nd printing)

  • Kircholm (new Pike & Shot Quick Play) 

  • Arnhem folio (2nd printing)

  • Iwo folio (2nd printing)

  • Bastogne folio (2nd printing)

  • Aachen folio (2nd printing) 

  • Axis Empires Ultimate Edition

Play Testing


  • Battles in the East #3: Battle for Pomerania and Drive to the Sea

  • Sealion (Deluxe Edition)


  • Over the Rhine: Operation Market-Garden (GOSS)
  • Battles in the East #4: Vitebsk and Mius River

 We’re adding something to our site all the time, so keep checking back!