Here’s the latest news from Decision Games, as of 5 Dec 23:

Now available

Axis Empires Ultimate Edition is the final evolution of our popular series of strategic games on the global struggles of 1937 to 1945 and beyond. Inside are the newest editions of both Totaler Krieg and Dai Senso. TK covers the war in Europe, while DS does the same for Asia and the Pacific. Each game is individually playable as a standalone event, or players can combine them to cover all of World War II. Both have been thoroughly updated for historicity, game balance, and ease of play. All components received a refreshing makeover to improve the look and feel of the game and we’ve added many new counters and 200 new cards!

Sealion Deluxe Edition simulates a hypothetical invasion of England in September 1940. The British have lost the aerial Battle over Britain but the RAF fights on, and the Home Fleet can threaten German landings and supply lines in the English Channel. The game incorporates an unabstracted level of detail, including air, naval and land operations. On the ground, the Germans have operational superiority, but the British Army can rely on interior lines of communication and defensible terrain, including a crude network of hastily constructed fortifications.

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Magazine and Mini-Game Playtesters

Thank you to all the volunteers who have tested our games. Contact Doc at if interested.

     We’ve just added another group of volunteers to our play test pool, but there is always room for more! In general, we need at least four play test sessions over an eight-week period to play the game and provide a summary of questions, clarifications, and play balance comments. Send an e-mail Doc at with your contact info and preferences.

Computer Game Playtesters

    D-Day at Peleliu is testing. E-mail Doc at if you are interested.

VASSAL modules

Our Vassal section is growing and now has over 150 modules total. We are adding modules on a regular basis from both our dedicated group of module creators as well as outside submissions. Please click here for an update on our progress and to visit our module page.

We have finished over 100 magazine game play test modules and are looking for testers for upcoming games. We’ve made the process easy by setting up a separate page with all of the modules (and brief game descriptions) available for play test and an easy registration process to receive them. We’d appreciate your input on these games so they will be even better! 

Strategy & Tactics Update

   S&T #344 featuring Great Turkish War, 1683 has shipped. S&T #345 with Tanks of August: Georgia 2008 will ship in late January. For previews go to:

World at War Update

World at War #93 with with Baltic Offensive, Fall 1944 has shipped. World at War #94 with Kesserling’s War: Italy 1943-44 will ship in early JanuaryFor previews go to:

Strategy & Tactics Quarterly

   STQ#24 featuring The Chinese Civil War, 1945–59 has shipped. STQ#25 with Fall of Rome: A New Look will ship in February. For previews go to:

Decision Games – next 180 days

Battles in the East, volumes 1 & 2 has shipped to distributors.

Sealion Deluxe Edition and Axis Empires Ultimate Edition are shipping to distributors in December.

Magazine and Boxed Games Released in the past 12 months:

·   Strategy & Tactics #338 (Russian Boots South)

·   World at War #88 (War Comes Early)

·   Strategy & Tactics #339 (Saddam Moves South)

·   Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #21: Byzantium

·   World at War #89 (Crimea)

·   Strategy & Tactics #340 (French & Indian Battles)

·   World at War #90 (Great European War)

·   Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #22: Guderian’s Panzers

·   Strategy & Tactics #341 (Return to Europe)

·   World at War #91 (Tazierhuang/Stalin’s First Victory)

·   Strategy & Tactics #342 (Carolingian Twilight)

·   Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #23: War of 1812

·   World at War #92 (Narvik) 

·   Strategy & Tactics #343 (Albion)

·   World at War #93 (Baltic Offensive) – Dec

·   Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #24: Chinese Civil War

·   Strategy & Tactics #344 (Great Turkish War: 1683-1699)

Projected Release Schedule for next 12 months (Dates subject to change)


·   World at War #94 (Kesselring) – Feb

·   Strategy & Tactics #345 (Tanks of August 2008) – Mar

·   Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #25: Fall of Rome – Spring

·   World at War #95 (Khalkin-Gol) – Apr

·   Strategy & Tactics #346 (Andrew Jackson’s Battles) – May

·   World at War #96 (Kriegsmarine Plan Z) – Jun

·   Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #26: World War I Strategic Analysis – Summer

·   Strategy & Tactics #347 (Op Holland: British Bulge) – Jul

·   World at War #97 (Campaigns in Europe: Leningrad) – Aug

·   Strategy & Tactics #348 (Siege of Jerusalem) – Sep

·   Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #27: Grant’s Overland Campaign – Fall

·   World at War #98 (Campaigns in Europe: Stalingrad) – Oct

·   Strategy & Tactics #349 (Korea: Mobile War- solitaire) – Nov

·   World at War #99 (Campaigns in Europe: Italian Camp) – Dec

·   Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #28: First Indo-China War – Winter

·   Strategy & Tactics #350 (Reves de Glorie 1805) – Jan

Boxed Games and Other Projects

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Sealion Deluxe Edition

Axis Empires Ultimate Edition

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Iwo folio (2nd printing)

Play Testing

Kircholm mini (new Pike & Shot Quick Play)

Battles in the East #3: Drive to the Sea

Battles in the East #3: Battle for Pomerania


Over the Rhine: Operation Market-Garden (GOSS)